Welcome Winter Season

by Sally Jennings

Frozen mud puddles glisten in the morning light, icy drops sparkle on twigs, the sky is a solid white. Woodsmoke from the place down the road rises and hangs in the cold air. The radio weatherman sounds hyper, and every second ad is winter snow tires.That afternoon, the first hesitant flakes drift down, then faster and thicker, until the sky lets loose. The kids celebrate; no school tomorrow!!! Winter is a season for throwing snowballs, tossing another log on the fire, escaping into a good book or movie, and just plain hunkering down. Time to celebrate the arrival of Father Winter!

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Welcome Winter

Spin downhill
   on a saucer
Look at me!
Twirl around
   on blades
I feel so loose!
Zig zag
   down the slope
Powdery spray
All the way!
Thatís enough
   snow fun


Snow in the sky
Snow on the ground
Snow on my coat
Snow all around
Snow in the air
Snow on my face
Snow in my hair

In the snowy white
Scarlet cardinals forage
Chickadees swoop and flit
The cat peers through the pane

Swish the mug of mulled cider
Soft melody in the firelight
Warm slippers, a good read
Quiet thoughts and rest

Home and hearth
Chat with good folks we know
Savor shelter and safety
As Winterís mantle descends


A snowman grows
A belly, a chest
A head with no nose
The toddlerís got bright ideas
   So itís really slow
To make a whole body
   from nothing but snow

Rock eyes and teeth
A stick off my shrub
My last carrot his nose
Hi there, Bub
My red flannel shirt
Holey mittens
A worn hat
Guess Iíll see them in the Spring
But thereís nothing wrong
   with that

Itís when they want a cellphone
To show heís really cool
I have to draw the line
Sorry, NOT mine
Iím no fool


Batten down the hatches
Seal it all up tight
Whopper of a snowstorm
Due in tonight

Find the shovels and the candles
The old sled or skiis
Likely days without power
If thereís a deep freeze

Lay in snacks and drinks
Make muffins and stew
Food for the duration
Enough to make do

Check in on neighbors
Old folks down the road
And sit tight for Father Winterís
Snowy gifts to unload


White flakes on the kidsí slide
Red swings twist in the wind
Old barn cats all hide
As the snow sets in

The dirt road turns to muck
Itís on the fencepost tops
It covers that old truck
Thatís up on blocks

But when the mud in the paddock
Really fills in
I know itís snowing seriously
Better dig in!


Barely light for days
Snowclouds block the sun
Brilliant now all day
When the stormís done

Kids rolling up snowmen
Chains on the truck
Plowed down the lane
So we wonít get stuck

Wood for the winter
Stacked high in the yard
Throw a chunk in the stove
And donít work so hard

Sit down, take it easy
Read a book or just rest
Savor the quiet
Winterís the best!


Copyright 2015-2017 Sally Jennings www.Speak-Read-Write.com