Tooth Fairy Card Poems, Verses, and Letter from the Tooth Fairy

by Sally Jennings

It's Kindergarten, or Grade One, that loose tooth has finally come out, and you want a special poem or verse to celebrate. When the child's name is added to the "I Lost a Tooth" list at school, they will have a little verse to boast about. A note or card from the Tooth Fairy! Imagine! Or maybe it's not the first tooth the child has lost, but the Tooth Fairy is still very real. Leave a little note with the money under the pillow this time, and see the child's face light up. At dinner, perhaps there will be a special cake and balloons to celebrate. Is there really a Tooth Fairy? Well yes, and maybe you know her (or him)!

These are our free Tooth Fairy verses, poems and sayings for you to use on cards, in letters and notes, emails, classroom posters - wherever you need them. Choose a verse below, personalize it, or use it as a starter prompt to write your own verse. Please respect our copyright and don't use these commercially or republish them online.

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The Tooth Fairy was munching
   a pink cupcake
   with fairy sparkle icing
When she heard
   you lost a tooth
She was too busy eating
   to fly by herself
So she hopped on
   the Fairyland Express
To Bedroom Stop Number One
To bring you this little gift
You can spend on
   something fun!
Now, wasn't that nice?

Hurrah! Hurray!
A tooth's out today!
Go ahead, get loud
Cause the Tooth Fairy's proud!
But pipe down tonight
Or you'll give her a fright
And you want that money
Don't you honey?


I just heard a shout
A tooth is out!
How absolutely cool
Did you lose it in school?
Were you swinging a bat
Or wearing a hat
Were you playing caboose
When it came loose?
Was your head in a book
Did everyone look?
I'll need all the facts
When the Tooth Fairy asks!


You lost a tooth?
How wonderful!
The Tooth Fairy sends you
Her best wishes
And this little gift
You can spend
On something special
Just for you!


You tooth is out!
You've got a gap
In your great big smile!
The Tooth Fairy is smiling too
She sent you some money
For something fun!


Smarty pants, you lost a tooth?
So now you can suck spaghetti
Through the gap
Drink through a straw
Without opening your mouth
Whistle a funny new tune
Nobody else can
The Tooth Fairy
Sends her congratulations!


Tooth wiggles
Tooth jiggles
Loosey, goosey, it's out, Hooray!
Slip it under your pillow and go softly to sleep
The Tooth Fairy will come without a peep
Wake in the morning and there's some money
The Tooth Fairy's way of saying
‘That's awesome, honey!'


Tooth Fairy Letter

567 Wishing Well Lane
Cupcake County

(Child's Name and Address)

Super, Awesome, Wonderful!!!
I just heard you lost a tooth!
This is a little money for you to spend on a new toy.

We're all so proud of you being so brave!

With Love, The Tooth Fairy


Copyright 2009-2017 Sally Jennings