Retirement Card Poems, Verses, and Sayings

by Sally Jennings

Retirement is a reward to look forward to, so when it arrives, it's time to celebrate leisure time and leisure activities - travel, grandchildren, knitting, quilting, RVing, golf, fishing, carpentry, cooking, gardening, volunteering. Whether at a small party with a simple cake, or at a fancy retirement dinner or roast, everyone needs a little something to say in appreciation to the retiree, and a way to convey best wishes for the future.

These are our free Retirement verses, poems and sayings for you to use on cards, in letters and notes, emails, memos or speeches - wherever you need them. Choose a verse below, personalize it, or use it as a starter prompt to write your own verse. Please respect our copyright and don't use these commercially or republish them online.

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You can't be
   retirement age
You joke at staff meetings
   like you're forty
You boogie at the copier
   like you're thirty-five
You giggle at lunchtime
   like you're thirty
You sprint out the door after work
   like you're twenty-five
And you get mad
We should quit here, right?
Listen, we'll make
   an exception
And let you out of here
At what has to be
   a much, much
   younger age
Because you've worked
   so hard
And you have so much
   spunk left!

Hey wait, you can't retire
We're not ready
To tell our own jokes
To think up our own stories
To laugh at ourselves
What'll we do without your wit?
Your laugh?
Your smile?
We do wish you the very best
But please come back to joke with us
Once in a while!


Kick back
Veg out
Endless rounds of golf at exclusive resorts
Fishing trips with the buddies
A cruise or two
Well, I hate to burst your bubble
Or rain on your parade
But studies show that
You have one week, and no more
Until your significant other gets out that darned list
Of the twenty million or so retirement activities
She spent the last forty years writing down
To occupy you in your newfound leisure time
You can thank your lucky stars
     we refined your ability to multi-task under pressure
The productivity has just begun!
Remember our motto - Busy is Happy!


Pretty roses on a cake
A pop, a fizz
Pictures to take
A song or two
A tale that grew
Well it's goodbye
But please don't cry
We wish you the best
A well deserved rest
Come see us again
‘cause you're a very good friend!


You certainly deserve
A rewarding retirement
Hope you find that special balance
Of active lifestyle and leisure time
All the best in your new pursuits!


May you have
As you pursue your retirement dreams!
You deserve every minute!


Okay retiree, are you ready for your new job titles?
After-school Umpire
Master Gardener and Botany Teacher
Family Picnic Organizer
Sandcastle Maker Extraordinaire
County Fair Tour Guide
Family Tree Historian
Weekend Sleepover Host
Thanksgiving Chef
Santa to the Family
Snow Fort Builder and Sledder
Your grandchildren are waiting for you -
Best All Time Super-Grandparent Retiree!


We want you to know
If your spouse's Honey-Do List
   just plum tuckers you out
And you need some familiar chitchat
   and a cuppa somethin' hot instead
You're welcome to come hunker down here
   for lunch
Once in a while
And we'll never blab!
Hope we'll be seeing you from time to time
So you can tell us how you are
   enjoying the heck out of your retirement!


Retirement Cake Sayings

We're all so Envious

Home Free!

You've Arrived!

Rest, Relax, Enjoy, Repeat

Have the Time of Your Life

Thanks for Your Dedication

Have a Ball!

Congratulations! You Made it!

Off to the Country Club!


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