Mother's Day Card Poems, Verses, and Sayings

by Sally Jennings

The blooming rhododendrons and azealas line the lane, a small bird tweets and flits from branch to branch in the forsythia. Suddenly, you remember the smell of your mother's perfume. It's time to find the right card verse to celebrate Mother's Day by telling your mother how much you love her. Perhaps a verse below will be just right, or it will prompt you to write a verse of your own that will please her. (Want to know a little secret? She just might appreciate hearing a verse like this any time of the year!)

These are original Mother's Day poems, verses and sayings for you to use on blank cards, notes or letters, in emails and scrapbooks. Or maybe you would like to print one to post on the wall of your Mom's nursing home room. She just might like to read your appreciation of her often! Please respect my copyright and do not use these commercially, or republish them on the web. Thanks!

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Mom, you may
My tiny, baby cry
   at two in the morning
And you fed me
My Grade Four
   complaints about
And you listened
   and advised
My teenage ache
   to have
And you released me
Yes, you probably
My life since then
   with all its
      peaks and valleys
And you still feed me
You still listen to me
   and advise me
And then you
   release me
Thanks for being so
   consistently loving
      all these years
Happy Mother's Day

Thank you, Mom
For all the good times
For all the laughter and jokes
For all the kisses and hugs
I still live in the security you created for me
And it makes me feel so loved

Happy Mother's Day
and love and kisses the whole year through


I have the best Mother in the world
You've proven it, Mom, over and over again
By loving, by giving, by being...just you

I'm so glad you are my Mom
Hugs and kisses
Just because I love you so!


Thanks, Mom, for all the times you have
     watched over me
     kept me safe and secure
     just loved me to pieces

I know it hasn't been easy
I do hope it has been rewarding

Today I want to tell you that
I love you more than you could ever know

Happy Mother's Day


Mom, when I needed to walk
You gave me your strong hand to hold
And I thank you

When I needed to talk
You gave me wise words to speak
And I thank you

When I needed to be patient
You gave me the time and space to wait
And I thank you

When I needed freedom
You gave me wings
And then you had the courage to set me free
And I come back to thank you now
On Mother's Day
Because what you have given me is yourself, your love

Happy Mother's Day, Mom
I love you


Copyright 2009-2017 Sally Jennings