Happy Fall, Celebrate Autumn Poems, Verses, and A Song

by Sally Jennings

Fall is near! Gardens and fields surrender their bounty to the root cellar and stew pot. The chock, chock, chock of wood-splitting punctuates the air as smoke from the back forty purples the mountainside. A path meanders through hardwoods, drawing me to the flutter and drift of leaves. Water whispers higher under the old stone bridge as the wind carries aloft the scent of damp earth. A ray of late afternoon sunlight pierces the blue clouds and illuminates the scarlet maples, the yellow birches, the sumac. In the stained glass brilliance, everything orange and red and scarlet sings a hymn to Autumn. Bring in the harvest. Fall is here!

Original Happy Fall, Celebrate Autumn Harvest verses, poems and a chant or song for you to use on blank cards, in letters and notes, on posters, in the classroom, or in scrapbooks and albums. As with all our card verses and poems, you are welcome to reuse phrases, or draw inspiration and use these as your own jumping off point to write something new. Please respect my copyright and do not use these commercially, or republish them on the web. Thanks!

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Leaves, leaves
   all around
Red and gold
Yellow and brown
Toss them up
Toss them down
Whirl and twirl
   round and round
Red and gold
Yellow and brown
Leaves, leaves
   all fall down!

Happy Fall
Hope you take time to
Take a stroll
   in the sunshine
Smile and say Hi
   to a leaf raker
Chat with a neighbor
   at the mailbox
Sip a latte
   with a friend
Hug your family
Remember how much
   you are loved

A little with the rake
A little break
A little coffee
A little cake
A lot more raked
Can hardly wait
Some mulled coffee
And LOTS more cake


The squash ran off with the grapevine
The gourds disappeared with the leaves
Someone laid a spell on the flowers
And put every last one to sleep

Iíve got a hunch who did this
A sneaking suspicion, at least
Is Jack Frost out there somewhere
When itís too dark to see?

The pumpkins all grew faces
Triangle noses and jaggedy teeth
Jack-o-lanterns are throwing a party
Flickering eyes so smug, so neat

Heís in town, he must be
Can anyone tell me please
Is Jack Frost out there somewhere
When everyone else is asleep?

Ice crystals in the puddles
Steam clouds in front of my nose
Hat and boots and mittens
Shivering fingers and toes

He must be out there at midnight
When I ask, they say ďIt frozeĒ
So what does Jack Frost look like
And how come nobody knows?


A family of pumpkins graces the doorstep
As the red-berried door wreath beckons
The hall scarecrow grins his toothy welcome
In the perfume of cinnamon, ginger and cloves
A twig basket of ruby apples nestles among
   dappled green gourds
Pilgrim dolls, arms linked
   sleepily wink from the staircase
Resting from their long voyage
To the New World
The patchwork quilt gently drapes the bannister
A riot of russets, reds and browns
Greens and golds and fawn
Gathered to celebrate
Sensuous Autumn
Sumptuous Fall


Scarlet leaves flutter and twirl
Drifts of autumnís beauty
Tawny grasses bow their heads
Dusk sneaks early through the pewter haze
Those we hold dear
Greet the stoop honor guard
   of bright orange pumpkins
As the porch scarecrow nods and waves
Harvest stew spices the air
A sip hearthside warms the heart
Welcome comfort
Glorious Fall


A meaty stew with root veggies
Or a rich seafood chowder
Buttery herb loaf cut just so
Pumpkin pie spritzed with whipped cream
Marshmallow crusted hot chocolate
Autumn pays it forward
To soothe Winterís chill


Itís Fall
Practice for full-on winter
Button up and snap that leash
Crunch reds and golds underfoot
Puff the frosty air
The Dogís onto eau de mouse
Yips and bodywags at doggie chums
As owners smile Hi
To the cacophony of
Playground exuberance
Skip rope, Yell, swing, YELL, toss balls, Y.E.L.L.
Dynamos disappear Poof! at the bell
In the sudden stillness
Yesterdayís showers softly swish
   over stones in the brook
Streamside, The Dog moseys home to a treat
Snores contentedly at my slippered feet
Ah, Fall


Jack Frost waltzed in last night
So straw the sleeping blooms
Brisk winds strip the hardwoods
Deluges descend from smoky skies
By the light of jack-o-lanternís grin
We plan turkey and trimmings
As Fallís orange delight
Fades to Winterís sparkling white
Wee kiddies imagine Santaís workshop
Elves feverishly busy on task
At hints of the wish lists we eavesdrop
As Santaís secret shoppers
Of wintry magic


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