Halloween Card Poems, Verses, and Sayings

by Sally Jennings

Foggy mists cover the hills, shrouding the trees in a haze. Finches pick at the last of the dried blackberries draping the graying fence.In the farmer's field, pumpkin vines freeze and blacken, and lo and behold! there sits my jack-o'-lantern just waiting for me to free-up his smile. Down the lane small children shout with glee - It's Halloween!

Original Halloween poems, verses and sayings for you to use on blank cards, notes or letters, scrapbooks, or classroom posters. Please respect my copyright and do not use these commercially, or republish them on the web. Thanks!

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Blackened tree limbs
Wave in delight
It's Halloween
   Halloween night!

Smoky clouds
Race in the moonlight
It's Halloween
   Halloween night!

Fireworks boom!
Wunderdog howls
   in fright
It's Halloween
   Halloween night!

Wee ghosts who rap on
   my door
Are draped in white
On Halloween
   Halloween night!

When the dark descends
On All Hallows Eve
And shivery wind
     whips falling leaves
     into wandering rustling ghosts
Light a candle
     in toothy old Jack-o-lantern
     for the wee Trick-or-Treaters
Who rat-a-tat-tat
     on your front door
And keep your own paws
     out of the treat bowl!


Dressing up as who knows who
A spook, a ghoul
A shriek, a howl, a boo!
Lots of friends to fool
Sticky treats
Loads of sweets
Happy Scary Halloween!


For Halloween
Will you wear a pointy hat
So you'll be nice and tall?
Or be a dancing princess
In a sparkly crown and shawl?
Maybe you'll be a magic flower fairy
Or a black and hairy ape?
Wear a big eye-patch like a pirate
Or a super-hero's swirling cape?
Whatever you decide to be
I'm sure trick-or-treating
Will be loads and loads of fun
Be sure to eat some treats for me
Cause I'm too big to come!


Trick or treat!
One more house
One more treat
My candy bag's so big
I can hardly see my feet!

Trick or treat!
An owl goes whoooo!
A bat goes squeakkkkk!
Is that a ghost in the bushes?
I'm too scared to peek!

Trick or treat!
Run up the front walk
Oh, my hurting feet
To our own front door
Happy Halloween, Daddy!
Trick or treat!

Halloween Who is Who?

Dressing up is so much fun
Everybody here is somebody new
But how will I know who is who?

A sparkle, a flash
A swirly dress or two
Now I wonder who is who?

Face paint, a funny mask in blue
Can you help me guess who is who!

Cinderella is here somewhere
Fairies and pop stars, too
It's so hard to work out who is who!

Super-heroes everywhere
Animals from the zoo
How can I keep up with who is who?

Look, there's a green witch
A skeleton yelling Boo!
I'm shivering all over
Losing track of who is who!

Where is Logan? Lucas? Matthew?
Is that Madelyn? Kaylee? or who?
If I can't keep it straight
Whatever will I do?

I'm really going to need your help
For Halloween who is who?


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