Get Well Card Poems, Verses, and Sayings

by Sally Jennings

Have you ever known anyone who really enjoyed being sick? Not too likely. When illness comes, whether with a hospital operation or without, the patient usually wants to recover. Sometimes humor can revive a person's spirits and help them heal. Perhaps you can be the one to relieve the tension of illness a little with some humor in a get well card. Even if you don't know exactly which type of verse your relative, friend, or co-worker might find funny, you can send a card with a general message of light humor. Who can say - perhaps your best wishes for their recovery will brighten the day!

These are our free Get Well and Best Wishes for Your Recovery verses, poems and sayings for you to use on cards, in letters, notes, and emails - wherever you need them. Choose a verse below, personalize it, or use it as a starter prompt to write your own empathy card verse. Please respect our copyright and don't use these commercially or republish them online.

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Heard you weren't
   feeling well
May your doctors
   have wisdom
May you rest
   in quiet
May you enjoy
   the visits of friends
      and family
Best wishes for your
   to health
      and happiness


Sorry to hear you're ill
Hope you rapidly
And make it home
In no time at all
Please keep me posted
I'll be hoping for
   the very best
      for you

(This verse can be used for a co-worker,
by replacing "home" with "work")

When you're in the hospital
Everyone at home is
   supposed to be
      (finger quotes)
Without going into
   distressing details
Since the shock
   wouldn't be
      (wipe brow)
         good for you
Don't count on
   stellar behavior
      (turn beet red)
         in your absence
You didn't hear it from me, but
   better get back home
      (clap hands)
            ‘Nuf said!


Okay, so you landed in the hospital
We're sure we are not the only ones who regret this
I'll bet you're really enjoying
     eating blah food
     waiting for the shared bathroom
     being caught between two different TV broadcasts
           simultaneously, no less
                from each of your roommates
     getting poked and prodded and questioned
     hearing about your dog whining all night at home
Need one more reason to get well faster?
We all want you to! So hurry up!


Oh no, you're in the hospital?
If I show up on the sneak one night
   when it's dark as pitch
   and scale the wall outside your window
      do you think I can spring you loose?
What's that?
   Hospitals never get that dark?

Wait, I know, I'll come as
   the book-cart lady and
   you can ride on the bottom shelf
      and we'll scoot out the door!
What's that?
   You don't bend that well anymore?

How about playing floral delivery --
   you collect all the flowers in the ward
   and I'll help you deliver them
      right out the front entrance!
What's that?
   You're allergic to pollen?

Too many excuses!
   I give up!
      You'll just have to get well enough
           to be allowed to leave!


We're so sorry you are ill
We really miss your bright smile and laugh
Hope you make a fast and full recovery


Hope your operation goes well and
Those wise doctors get everything
     back in place where it belongs
So you can get up the energy
To bounce right back out again
And dance a little jig
     - tee-dee (whirl) -
          - tee-dah (spin) -
               - too-rah (finger flutter) -
                    all the way home!!!


Heard you were
   a little energy depleted
   lying low at home
   even offline for a time :(
   Unbelievably shocking!
Hope you will soon be
   back in control
   flitting around
   a 24/7 dynamo
   tweeting and texting and surfing :)
Let me know when you are
   and we'll go have a blast, okay?


We would love to see you back again
Just like you were, only well
We hope you have a really wonderful rest
And we'll be looking forward to your return
In the meantime, don't worry
We've got everything covered
So just relax, and leave the work to us
Best wishes for a full recovery


Copyright 2009-2017 Sally Jennings