Employee Appreciation Card Poems, Verses, and Sayings

by Sally Jennings

Employee recognition and peer recognition, expressed in a card, email, or memo can build positive workplace relationships. Does one of your employees, or a peer, or a group of them need a thank you? Perhaps a morale booster after a special project? Or perhaps a business associate just completed a job for you and needs a note of appreciation. Pay it forward with extra encouragement now, and you just never know where it will go!

These are our free employee appreciation verses, poems and sayings, and business greetings for you to use on cards, in letters and notes, emails, memos or speeches - wherever you need them. Choose a verse below, personalize it to fit the situation, or use it as a starter prompt to write your own verse. Please respect our copyright and don't republish this page.

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We just wanted to say
How very much
   we appreciate
The wonderful job
   you are doing

We sure couldn't do it
   without you!


Thanks for going
   out of your way
To make our job easier

We really appreciate it


We are so grateful
For all your effort
It's made
   a real difference
We'll remember
Your hard work
For a very,
   very long time

Your extra effort to get this project done
Has really impressed us

Keep up the good work!


Just wanted you to know
All your extra care and attention to your work
Is really appreciated

Thanks for a job well done!


Every once in a while
Someone does a job
That really impresses the heck out of all of us

That's what you've done -
     and we just wanted to say


Your teamwork on this project
Is really appreciated
It makes all of our jobs easier
Thanks for the effort!


A job well done deserves some praise:
Good for you!
You did it!


We knew when we hired you
You'd get the job done
We are absolutely delighted
With how well you did it!



You're doing a marvelous job
And we do so appreciate it!


Thanks for your
Attention to detail
You did a superb job!


We sure like what you did for us
Is Excellence your middle name?


I just wanted you to know
I couldn't do
   what I need to do
      for this company
Without each and every one of you
   doing your jobs so well
You make my job easier
   because you work so well as a team
It gives me satisfaction
When we accomplish so much together
And I thank you!


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A Job Well Done Deserves Some Praise

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