Boomer Birthday Card Poems, Verses, and Sayings

by Sally Jennings

Your birthday celebrant still remembers the 1950's and 1960's, in all their retro glory, and they've seen decades of birthday cards. What do you write in their card this year? Maybe a verse about go-go boots and love beads? Or a something about how he's still the hottest thing on wheels? Or a little verse to start the reminiscing about hot rods?

These are our free Baby Boomer Birthday verses, poems and sayings for you to use on cards, in letters and notes, emails, scrapbooks, or speeches - wherever you need them. Choose a verse below, personalize it, or use it as a starter prompt to write your own verse. Please respect our copyright and don't use these commercially or republish them online.

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Hear you're old enough
   to remember
   tie-dye shirts
      go-go boots
      love beads
Flower power
All I can say is
         (inside card)
Hippie, Hippie birthday!

For your birthday
Heard you didn't want anything high fat
      so broiled butter icing and fudge cake
         was out
   or anything too chunky
      so triple-layer peanut brittle torte
         was out
   or anything too expensive
      so deli black forest cake with
         whipped cream and kirsch
         was out
   or anything too cold
      so iced mint jell uh-oh surprise (don't ask)
         was out
You can thank your lucky stars
   I got so hungry I had to go get a bite to eat
   and stopped wasting time thinking about it!
Hope you have your favorite birthday cake
   and a year full of good times!


Another year, another wrinkle?
So celebrate adding to your reputation:
No nonsense

Happy Birthday!


Just think of this birthday card
     as a flag starter jumpin' with a green
You've still got the fire to dust 'em off
     and blow 'em back into the weeds
          (go baby, go baby, go baby, go)
You might be a little rounder
     than when you were young
But you can just call it being
          (go baby, go baby, go baby, go)
Anybody thinks you're just power parked
     at the show'n'shine
     or burnin' pump gas
Doesn't really know you can still cut a good light
          (go baby, go baby, go baby, go)
     hang on in there
          and shut ‘em all down
               at the big end!
               (way to GO!!! BABY!!!)
Happy Birthday, you old goat!


At the show'n'shine
Bet you can evaluate that
'Stang Pony Car
   Pontiac GTO
   Big-block Chevy
That's what I thought!
Old enough
   to be a barn car
Young enough
   to brag about yankin' the front end
   doin' wheelstands!
Happy Birthday!
   All the best for the next round!


You've arrived at that Golden Age of
   Should you go out for the restaurant lite meal
   or the Swinging Seniors Daily Lunch Progam?
   Why is your mail full of free labels and cards?
   Was it the senior's publication
   you only just subscribed to last month
   that sold your name and address
   to every known charity nationwide?
   Thinking up a come-back
   when the doctor begins every visit with
   "Well, at your age...."
   followed by scenarios about
   how it could be a whole lot worse!!!
Better get business cards printed with
   'Discount' as your middle name
      and settle right in to enjoy it!
Happy Biggie Birthday!


Hear you finally made it to an age with a leading 6
Oh wow!
Golly Gee!
You know you look WAY, WAY too young
So better have the ID ready to claim your perks!


Copyright 2009-2017 Sally Jennings