New Baby and New Child Card Poems, Verses, and Sayings for Adoptions

by Sally Jennings

The journey to adoption is almost always much longer than the journey to biological parenthood, and adoptive parents need that extra boost that a congratulations card can give all new parents. More important, the new child, perhaps even more than a biological child, needs to know in the future that he or she was welcomed, wanted, and loved in his or her new family and home. If you do not wish to give a traditional baby card, or the new child is a toddler or older, these verses below may provide the extra touch you need. How do I know? Because I am an adoptive parent myself. As with all our verses, you could always use these ideas to write your own verse, letter, or note.

Original baby or child adoption verses, poems and sayings for you to use on blank cards, in letters and notes, in scrapbooks and albums, or at baby showers. Please respect my copyright and do not use these commercially, or republish them on the web. Thanks!

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Someday she'll have
Your way of seeing       the world
   yet through her eyes
Your touch
   yet with her hands
Your way of living
   yet with her own style
Now she has your name
She'll always have
   your heart


So glad this little one
Found a forever family
To grow in the love
That builds happiness
   and success
So glad this little one
Found a family
   who needs them
As much as
   they need you
Congratulations to all!

From nearly halfway across the world
This new little one has jetted
Into the very center of your hearts
How wonderful you found each other
Joined together in forever love



Now your new little girl (boy)
Has arrived in your home...
     in your arms...
     in your hearts
We are so proud of you all
Clearly, this family was meant to be
We wish you all the very best


Such a lucky girl!
May your future together
     be sparkling with joy!
Congratulations on your new lovely child!


There's a new squeal at the toychest
A new burp at lunch
A new snore at naptime
A new laugh
A new touch

There's a new tale for bedtime
Drowsy eyelids now close
A new little treasure
Begins now to doze
Rockabye, hushabye, not one peep
All's quiet in the nursery
Now Mama and Dada can sleep!

Congratulations on your new baby!


We understand a special little boy has brought
     Transportation Central to your home
Choo-choo trains chug up pillows
Big rigs whiz by the fridge
A dump truck of blocks stalls in the hallway
Tugboats swirl in the tub
As he dreams sweet dreams of tomorrow and you
Little fingers trace airplanes on the sheets
What a wonderful new little boy
Congratulations - it will be fun!


We are so very glad
You all found someone to love
We wish you much joy
As you enjoy your new life together
As a family


Copyright 2009-2017 Sally Jennings