Thank You Senior Caregiver Card Poems, Verses, and Sayings

by Sally Jennings

There are times when a family cannot adequately care for a mother or father, an aunt or an uncle, a grandfather or grandmother, and must turn over the task to those who are more able, either in an institutional or a home setting. These are not easy decisions for anyone, but there is much relief when a good caregiving solution is found. It is a happy family who finds compassionate and wise care for their relative provided by doctors and physicians, nurses, attendants, nurses aides, therapists, and support staff. These caregivers make many sacrifices in performing their jobs, which are often physically and emotionally difficult. A family's gratitude can go a long way to make the job of caregiving easier. Cards, notes, even an email are gracious ways to say thanks for the excellent care, we couldn't have done it ourselves.

These are our free Thank You Senior Caregiver verses, poems and sayings for you to use on cards, in letters and notes, emails - wherever you need them. Some are written to be used after the loved one has passed away, some are written to be used in a continuing care situation. Choose a verse below, personalize it, or use it as a starter prompt to write your own verse. Please respect our copyright and don't use these commercially or republish them online.

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We will always remember your
Thank you for being
   such an excellent caregiver
We will be forever grateful

We will always remember
   with gratitude
      your expertise
      your thoughtfulness
      your kindness
Your compassionate care
   is so very much appreciated


We very much appreciate
   your compassionate
   and gracious care giving
You have done for all of us
   what we never could have done
And we thank you!


Just wanted to say
   for your professionalism
   for your dedication
   for your compassion
We all appreciate it so very much!


(for group)

Sometimes a family needs
   that extra special touch
   that only people who really care
   can give
We found that
   in each of you who helped
It lifted our burden
   and lightened our load
It provided a comfortable solution
   in a trying time
We do thank you so very much
   for all you have done


(present tense)

Our sincerest thanks
   for giving so much of yourself
   to provide the care
   and attention
   our (father/mother) needs
We really appreciate
   your dedication
   your wisdom
   your compassion and grace
Our (father/mother)
   knows (he/she) is in good hands
   and so do we
We are all so very grateful


(past tense)

Our sincerest thanks
   for giving so much of yourself
   to provide the care
   and attention
   our (father/mother) needed
We will always remember
   your dedication
   your wisdom
   your compassion and grace
Our (father/mother)
   knew (he/she) was in good hands
   and so did we
We are all so very grateful


Copyright 2009-2015 Sally Jennings